Board of Directors 

West Mont is extremely fortunate to have a dedicated group of individuals who serve on our five governing band advisory boards. They volunteer their time and provide an invaluable service to our Agency and those we serve.


West Mont Board of Directors
Dick Morgan, Chair
Bret Romney, Vice Chair
Mike Cooney, Past Chair
Lowell Bartels
Mike Billings
Debbie Ekblom
Molly Mosness
Tia Nelson
Debbie Olson
Carl Tanberg
West Mont Staff:
Kris Bakula


The West Mont Foundation

Created by West Mont in 2002, its mission is to develop new services and assist in the operation of existing services for persons with disabilities.


West Mont Foundation Board
Carl Tanberg, Chair
Dick Morgan, Vice Chair
John Betts
Mike Billings
Bill Eiker
Larry Fasbender
Sarah Jaeger
Lin Olson
Greg Pace
Andrew Pida
West Mont Staff:
Kris Bakula


The Development Committee

This group of volunteers is actively involved with planning and coordinating West Mont fundraising events and activities throughout the year.


The Development Committee
Jill Caldwell
Rachel Cottrell
Mike Greely
Lynne Grosfield
John Lagerquist
Lenore McKelvey-Puhek
Mary McWhorter
Bill Murray
Carol Novotne
Loren Oelkers
Tanya Shearer
Greg Pace
Shirley Warehime
West Mont Staff:
Kris Bakula
Arlene Flynn
Susan Pesta


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