West Mont is funded in part by the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (Developmental Disabilities Division), however, many of our programs are supported by charitable donations. Without these on-going contributions, we would not be able to provide some of the vocational, recreational and other activities that we have available for individuals in our programs.


The Caldwell House

The Caldwell House, West Mont’s most recent project provides compassionate and skilled nursing care for ten medically fragile or terminally ill individuals with disabilities. Named after Ron Caldwell, former President/CEO of West Mont who passed away unexpectedly in 2008, the Caldwell House was completed in June 2011. Features of this facility include:


  • A healthy, safe and therapeutic environment for a vulnerable segment of our population
  • A home-like setting design that fits in architecturally with surrounding residential neighborhood
  • 10-private bedrooms with 2-expanded that will allow a family member to stay comfortably with their loved one
  • Caring staff trained specifically to care for people with disabilities
  • The first facility like this built in the State of Montana
  • A home that fills a critical void in the community


West Mont’s Caldwell House was completed in June 2011


Ron’s Place

West Mont is currently planning its next project, Ron’s Place, named in honor of Ron Caldwell, former President/CEO of West Mont. This new home will target developmentally disabled adults with fluctuating medical needs who do not yet require the level of care of the Caldwell House but who still need occasional nursing care and extra support that exceeds the normal group home environment. Features and benefits of Ron’s Place include:


  • Six-bedroom fully ADA accessible facility that will serve some of West Mont’s most disabled and fragile clients
  • A home designed to allow individuals who might otherwise be admitted to a nursing home to stay at “home” with their West Mont family who are better equipped to attend to their needs.
  • A location adjacent to the Caldwell House, which will provide convenient and vital access to 24-hour nursing care
  • It enables residents who may eventually require the Caldwell House’s services to be part of a West Mont “family” and to easily transition from one residential unit to the other.



West Mont is responsible for building and furnishing Ron’s Place. Once built, it will be partially funded by the State of Montana. Fundraising is currently underway for this new project.



Charitable donations to West Mont are always received with gratitude and tax deductible as allowable under IRS guidelines. Your donation is used to benefit all programs within the agency or it may be designated to a specific program such as the Caldwell House, Farm in the Dell, Melodee House, and client recreational activities such as Special Olympics, the Cheer Squad, bowling, dances, etc.


Your tax-deductible donation to West Mont can be made online through PayPal or mailed to: 2708 Bozeman Avenue Helena, MT 59601. If you would like additional information, please contact Arlene Flynn (406) 447-3100.

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